Protecting our coastal environment--NC Senate bill proposes harmful changes

HB 496, currently in the NC Senate, would require localities to obtain permission from the General Assembly to regulate tree removal. This should NEVER pass! Our environment as a coastal community is not simply something that we should keep safe because it is nice to look at.
Our local ordinances involving the protection of trees and other natural vegetation are absolutely essential to keeping Wilmington beautiful, habitable. and safe. We all remember how devastating Hurricane Florence (and other storms) was for our area. Our natural landscape and vegetation do an amazing job of protecting our home and aiding in the rebuild. We should be increasing our plans for Hurricane safety and damage mitigation, not simply allowing the state to wipe away any protection. Further, these tree ordinances should be enforced fairly, and developers should not be given a pass when it comes to our environment. I would like to know why the Wilmington City Council has not come out publicly, in opposition to this Bill. I would also like to know why all of our local representatives in the NC House who are Republicans voted for this bill. I will be making some calls! I suggest that you do the same. We HAVE to do better! Oak Island to oppose bill that would strip local governments’ power to regulate tree removal | Port City Daily

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